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Iron-based Amorphous Ribbon

    • 商品名称: Iron-based Amorphous Ribbon
    • 商品编号: cp10
    • Brand: TSTY
    • Capacity: Null
    • Voltage: Null
    • USES: Electric Power and Electronic Products
    • Country of origin: China

Product Detail

Product Overview :

Amorphous is a new type of soft magnetic alloy material. It adopts international advanced ultra-cold technology to directly cool the molten metal at a speed of one million degrees per second to form an amorphous thin ribbon with a thickness of 24-28 μm. The amorphous alloy structure with short-range order and long-range disorder in atomic arrangement and combination is obtained, which is completely different from traditional metals and alloys in microstructure. Therefore, in the physical properties, chemical properties, mechanical properties and many other aspects of traditional metal materials have incomparable excellent characteristics. And, in terms of its preparation technology is completely different from the traditional metallurgical technology, made of amorphous thin liquid steel step belt, eliminating the traditional metallurgical technology of casting, forging, intermediate annealing, rolling process, saves a large amount of energy, and no pollutants, amorphous alloy Is regarded as a new type of green environmental protection, energy saving and efficient materials.



Iron-based amorphous ribbon, with its high magnetic permeability, high saturation magnetic induction, low iron loss and excellent stability, meets the needs of today's electronic products to develop in the direction of high frequency, high current, miniaturization and energy saving. It can replace silica gel, permalloy and ferrite, and is widely used in electric power and electronic products.


Product properties


saturation magnetic induction    Bs(T) 1.61 saturation magnetostriction 27X10*
Curie temperature Tc(°C) 394 density (g/cm²) 7.25
crystallization temperature Tx(°C) 478 electrical resistivity p(Ω-cm) 114
hardness Hv(kg/mm2) 980 coercive force Hc(A/m) <3.8


Product Specifications


Product Mark Ribbon Width(mm) Ribbon Thickness(pm)
J1K101030262 3 26
J1K101035262 3.5 26
J1K101045262 4.5 26
J1K101050262 5 26
J1K101060262 5 26
J1K101065262 6.5 26
J1K101080262 8 26
J1K101100262 10 26
J1K101150262 15 26
J1K101200262 20 26
J1K101250262 25 26
J1K101300262 30 26
J1K101350262 35 26
J1K101400262 40 26
J1K101450262 45 26
J1K101500262 50 26
J1K101550262 55 26
J1K101600262 60 26
J1K101650262 65 26
J1K101700262 70 26
J1K101800262 80 26
J1K1011000262 100 26
J1K1011200262 120 26
J1K1011420262 142 26
J1K1011700262 170 26
J1K1012130262 213 26



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