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Three Dimensional Wound Core Transformer

    • 商品名称: Three Dimensional Wound Core Transformer
    • 商品编号: cp025
    • Brand: TSTY
    • Capacity: 30kva~10000kva
    • Voltage: 380v~35kv
    • USES: Distribution transformer

Product Detail

Product Overview

Compared to the S11 with the same capacity transformer, the newer energy-saving type of transformer has a 25% or more reduction in no-load loss and a 70% or more reduction in no-load current.

It is mainly used in 10KV 11KV 13.8KV 15KV 20KV 22 KV 30KV 33KV 34.5 35KV power distribution systems of rural and urban power grids.


Product Advantages

1.Low loss

The S13-M.RL series of capacity 30-1600kVA no-load loss decreases by 50% on average, and the load loss decreases by 30% on average. S11-M. RL series no-load loss decreased by 30% on average, load loss decreased by 25% on average.

2.Low no-load current

Due to the excellent material of the wound core and the characteristics of the winding process, the no-load current is significantly reduced. S13-M.RL series no-load current decreases by an average of 75% according to the current national GB/T6451-1999. S11-M.RL series no-load current decreases by an average of 75%.

3.Low operating noise

The noise of S13-M.RL and S11-M.RL series is reduced by about 7-9dB according to JB/T10088-1999 noise standard

4.Strong short circuit resistance

The whole transformer body is in the shape of a body with a triangular prism shape, pull-screws and center are arranged around. It is integrated with upper and lower iron yoke insulation and laminated wood blocks, which can effectively resist the axial and radial mechanical stress during sudden short circuit.


Product Standards:

GB 1094 Power Transformer

GB/T 15164 Oil-immersed power transformer load guide

GB/T 6451 Three-phase oil-immersed power transformer technical parameters and requirements



Product Parameter

Three Dimensional


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