Dry Type Transformer Features




SCB series epoxy resin cast dry-type transformer is suitable for three-phase, 50Hz, power distribution grid systems. It is used for voltage’s input from primary side and output from secondary side to the conversion of voltage. This series of transformers comply with domestic and foreign standards such as IEC 60076, GB/T 10228, GB1094, etc.

TSTY’s dry-type transformer can be divided into SCB9, SCB10, SCB11, SCB13 series according to their performance. The voltage includes 6.6kv, 10kv, 11kv, 13.8kv, 15kv, 22kv, 33kv, 35kv, etc., and capacity from 30kva to 5000kva.

This product is suitable for important places such as urban power grid, tower block, business center, theater, hospitals, hotel, tunnel, subway, high-speed rail, and airport.

Dry Type Dry Type

Technical Characteristics

SCB series products have the characteristics of maintenance-free, low loss, low noise, low temperature rise, high short-circuit resistance, strong flame retardancy, fire prevention, explosion- proof, no pollution, high temperature resistance, good moisture resistance, safe and reliable operation.